Dear co-owners and tenants,

We are aware that some of you do not understand Czech. With regard to this fact we need to arrange that you know the basic information relating to your flat ownership. Therefore we summarize the most important information for you:

Your flat is a part of the premises consisting of 144 flats and 177 garage lots. When purchasing your flat, you became a member of the Owners Association (Společenství vlastníků), the juridical person associating the owners of flats and non-residential premises by operation of law.

The supreme body is the Owners Assembly (Shromáždění vlastníků) that elects its representatives – the Owners Association Committee (Výbor společenství vlastníků). The main task of the Committee is maintenance of the whole premises. For this purpose, the Committee makes contracts with external suppliers.

The costs of these services are charged appropriately to individual owners in the agreed manner. Each owner is also obliged to pay monthly advances on these services. The amount of the advances may be ascertained by all owners on the Record Sheet (Evidenční list) provided by the administrative company. The advances on the services shall be paid to the account of the Association. Please bear in mind that the Owners Association is not a VAT-payer.

The basic conditions and the manner of use of flats, non-residential units and common parts of the buildings and adjacent plots are regulated in the House Rules (Domovní řád). We would like to draw your attention especially to the obligation of flat users not to disturb the others with excessive noise, in particular in night hours (i.e. at the time from 10 pm to 7 am).

We also advise you that glazing of balconies, terraces or loggias, mounting of hoods, shades or blinds in front of the windows, on balconies, terraces or loggias, and other structures attached to the external surfaces of the buildings (e.g. satellite antennas) are not permitted without prior written consent of the Owners Association Committee and without the building permit (if required by valid rules and regulations).

Important contacts:

Owners Association: 

  • House Unit Owners Association (Společenství vlastníků jednotek domu) Italská 2561, 2562, 2563, 2564 and 2565, Prague 2
  • Italská 2561, 12000 Prague 2, e-mail:
  • Bank connection: UniCredit Bank, account No.: 2109701985/2700

Administration of the buildings:

  • CENTRA a.s. Anděl City, Plzeňská 3185/5b, Prague 5 Company reg. No. (IČO): 186 28 966  

Service technician:

  • Bc. Rajnič Peter (service technician)
    tel.: 257181704, mobile:  602 133 679

Assessments and payments:

  • Pavlína Flajzarová
    tel.: 257181706, mobile:  602 328 292

Other contacts:

ATA security service – security guardingTel:  602 735 880
Gas boilers servicing - AGASERVISTel: 12777, 241 930 300
Air conditioning servicing – Kostečka Group – central controlTel: 380 309 214
Emergency service BYTOSERVIS-NON STOPTel: 2 41 41 41 41, 2 41 41 22 22
Pražské Vodovody a Kanalizace (water supply and sewerage)Tel: 840 111 112
Pražská plynárenská (gas supplier)Tel: 840 555 333
Pražská energetika (electricity supplier)Tel: 267 055 555
Gas emergency serviceTel: 1239
Medical emergency serviceTel: 155
Metropolitan policeTel: 156
Police of the Czech RepublicTel: 158
Fire brigadeTel: 150
Emergency lineTel: 112